Downhole completion equipment
"METTOIL" is a Russian manufacturer of  
downhole sand control filters and Multi-Stage Frac equipment
for the Oil Industry

About Company

METTOIL is a Russian manufacturer of downhole filters and multi-stage fracturing equipment for oil-and-gas industry.

Our primer goal is to provide you with complete customized set of equipment. That is why we involve our customers into project design and engineering. Using specially developed software we carefully calculate the strength properties and open flow area to achieve equipment maximum reliability and efficiency.

    The production area equipped with a high level machining centers, CNC machine tools primary processing: lathes, band saw and milling machine.

     METTOIL is a young professional team of passionate people. In the period 2015-2016 we have mastered production of over 30 types of high-tech equipment for wells completion. Our products are proven in the fields and ready to withstand tough competition on the market.

«Omega» – our first Premium Sandcontrol filter.
Filter layer
The filter layer is not wound around a perforated pipe but sintered with a protective outer casing
Unique design
Premium mesh filters are constructed of woven metal mesh, or mesh-based composites.
Soldered mesh
X2 type weaving allows to achieve maximum 3d filtration for non-uniform sand conditions
Our main task is
To offer a ready optimal solution satisfying the quality request of our Customer
Our company offers unique conveyor machine
a group of CNC for the production of filters that allow you to do
products with any given configuration of slits and holes
in accordance with the Technical specifications.