Well Completions Technologies and solutions for remote locations
О компании
Our main goal - to offer a complete solution
Our equipment - the key to solution
We use a comprehensive approach to preparing technical solutions and making preliminary design and technological work in close cooperation with the Customer. 
Upon Customer's request we willing to provide engineering services for creation of the MSF system layout or Sand Control Filter design under specific operating conditions. In fact, the final decision can be changed upon the budget demand of the Customer.
Objectives and priorities
Creating a full-fledged research and production enterprise on the basis of "METTOIL":

- Strengthening and expanding the engineering unit

- The creation of an exemplary test base with all the necessary test benches and laboratory equipment

- Interaction with research centers and production sites

Metrological support of operational and final control

  • Operating control at each stage of process route
  • Operational and final control is made by modern measurement instruments of leading brands.
  • Mitutoyo profile projector, allows to control the profile of thread
  • The complete set of measuring tools manufactured by Gagemaker (USA) for the control thread and line sizes.
  • Complete traceability
Metrological support of operational and final control
For perforated pipes tough service conditions (torsion or heavy axial loads) our engineers adjust the maximum perforation slots number per meter keeping required mechanical properties of pipes or pipes assemblies. The calculation is made for individual tubes and for layouts (based on the total mass of the Assembly).
It is also possible to behavior modeling and calculation specifications for horizontal wells considering the effect of torque.
Company's history briefly:
Apr, 2014 – Business plan approval
Oct, 2014 – The first 5 years contract sign for exclusive downhole eqpt supply
Jan, 2015 – Premium Screens manufacturing start
Mar, 2015 – First supply of Premium Screens to Gazprom Neft
Jun, 2015 – Multi Stage Fracturing hardware start manufacturing
Aug, 2015 – Slotted Liners production start
2016 – Additional CNC machines installation for full production cycle + production increase 3-times