High-torque clutch T-NTC (clutch) is designed for connection of casing and pump compressor pipes with T-PBT buttress threads or standard ОТТМ threads by GOST 632-80 during construction of leak-proof columns for different purposes.
Муфта высокого момента
Is used in vertical, directional and horizontal wells of oil, gas, gas condensate fields with tough conditions for construction and operation (extensive, compressive, bending loads, superfluous torque and corrosive medium).
Clutch constructional specifications reduce tension of buttress threads coils which allows a column to receive high torque values and bending pressure while keeping seal tightness and connection stability.

Высокомоментная муфта
Clutch general view
Clutch sectional view

For high-torque clutch design and manufacturing producers keep strict size tolerated limits in accordance with process technology using the most advanced CNC equipment and control the production using latest metrological equipment of manufacturer.

Clutch central arm provides connection optimal tightening at increasing torque values of pipes column. Pipe front and clutch arm axial engagement guarantees thread connection 100% tightness.