Downhole Equipment
Оборудование для многостадийного разрыва пласта

Multi-Stage Frac with Ball Drop system:

1.      Multi-Stage Frac -  allows to prevent a breakthrough of water;

2.      Soluble balls instead of the usual (the first confirmed job with the dissolution balls in 2014г.  at 10 stages in Russia);

3.      Special coverage of the landing of saddles couplings for hydraulic fracturing allows to do a tonnage up to 20 frac stages.

Multi-Stage Frac Hardware «Omega»:

1.      Full flow coupling with no restrictions of inside diameter. Full ID, can be used in cementing applications;

2.      Mechanical activation using coiled tubing, tubing or tractor that allows for selectively fracturing, and also gives the possibility of overlap areas in the case of water breakthrough. Unlimited number of open/close operations;

3.      Omega-Port can be used for both multistage fracturing operations, and for zone control of flow of wells in the extractive and in injection wells;

4.      The design allows to combine Omega-Port with sand control filters and, if necessary, to control of each zone fiow rate.

Hydraulic Open
Hole Packer
Liner Top
Setting Adapter
Frac Sub
OH Hydraulic Packer
For operation in uncased wells hydraulic packer is used which serves to generate multistage disparate areas of to conduct MSF. The number of packers installed in the well corresponds to the number of work areas.

Frac Sub
Clutch hydraulic fracturing is a tool in the composition of the layout of the MSF, containing ports for feeding fluid under pressure with a destructive effect on productive zone for intensification of oil inflow.
TBR Setting Adapter
Tie-Back Receptacle serves as a socket of the shank for interfacing with the extension of the shank
The main advantages of METTOIL production:
1. Quality control at the manufacture meets all the highest international standards;
2. Hydraulic testing of all products directly at the production site;
3. The own design Bureau (developing an unique filter product, high torque threads, couplings Omega, etc.);
High quality.
Made in Russia.